Here is Futility, a simple yet very handy utility max for live device.

It allows you to create key (or midi) shortcuts that will act on the currently selected track.


The left section lets you assign: (un)solo, (un)mute and (un)arm.

On its right you’ll find their « kill » friends. Those buttons let you unsolo, unmute and unarm every soloed, muted, or armed tracks.

Below them is the (un)collapse selected track(s). Yep, I really love to play with this button.

On the right side of the patch is the Focus area. And it lets you, focus areas. Some of you will find it useful, especially since L9. But I won’t develop on this subject.

The « Emergency Init. Patch » button just initialize the patch. You’d normally never have to use it, but  in case something is not working correctly for a mysterious reason, it’s here to be clicked.

Put it on your master channel, key (and/or midi) assign the buttons, save with your default Live set, and forget it.


UPDATE: Now with version II, you can zoom/unzoom your arrangement horizontally (if like Forge you prefer to use the R and T keys like in PT). And you can also assign keys/midi to zoom/unzoom your tracks vertically (this needs at least Live 9.1.3).


Download it : {filelink=8}

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